Wednesday, May 8, 2013

day 8 has wise words

Today's topic: Sharing a piece of advice.

It's really short and to the point today.

Be thankful!

Be grateful!


This is the key.

 a Few things I'm thankful for today:

Grace. Sunshine. 80 degree weather. Manito Park. My husband. That Green  card. Love. My Plants growing. Green. Not Monday. Cupcakes. Wooden (beat up) Floors. My Bloomsday run time. Long walks. The Blue dresser. Today. Mexico dreaming. Love. Tumeric. Yard Sales. Health. Summer. a Freelance opportunity. Learning. Unlimited Internet. Broken TV. Our Apartment. Laundry done. Possibilities. No Debt. The Daisies lasting. a Small two seat dining room table. WhatsApp. Viber. Sight. Hope. 


  1. Visiting from Blog Every Day in May Link Up! Love your advice it's so simple but makes such a huge difference in daily life! I also loved reading your post about South Africa and look forward to reading more of your posts during the challenge!


    1. Thanks for the sweet comment Donna! It's my favorite advice, just because I can see the change it brings into situations in my daily life. Glad you liked the South Africa post (there's a lot more where that came from :)