Sunday, May 5, 2013

Showing some blog loving on day 5

Today's topic: Talking about a blogger friend and why they are awesome.

I have a few blogs here on the side that I read and they are all pretty awesome and feel like friends in this weird way. It's weird because they don't know I think of them as "friends".

So let me tell you about blogger friends who are like real life friends too. As in people who know and mostly agree that we are in fact friends.

Amanda over at Willful/Joyful "discovered" me on Instagram a few months ago. We started liking each others pictures, reading each others blogs and eventually met in person. She connected me to the marketing internship I'm in now, just in time, before I went crazy from staying at home all day. So thanks for that!

She's become such a lovely and valuable friend since we first met. Let me tell you, it's exactly the kind of thing that makes me love social media.

I am a big fan of her blog and her instagram feed.  She is a very talented photographer and writes beautifully. I'm really enjoying her 'kids in Spokane on a budget' series, even though I don't have kids I am on a budget so that works out.
Her Instagram feed captures the adventures of her two little boys so well, which is a bit of problem because it's making me very broody!

I should have taken a photo of us this morning, we both ran Bloomsday like champions and met up for a celebratory light beer after.  I for one was still so glowingly red from running SO FAR (12km/7ish miles) that I couldn't imagine actually posting that photo here. Yes yes vanity, it's a flaw.

These were our 'instagram off' pics from that hike we went on a while ago


a Shout out to my other other blog friends who are friends:

Sarah just ended her blog Hanoi Eats Sarah, so this shout out is mostly to encourage her to start another one. She writes so well guys! Sarah Eats Kansas City... I'd totally read that!

My lovely friend Tamarin started her own blog Total Tam Nation and also is the co-owner of House on Fire Productions, go Tam! Blog about it lady, I want to read all about it.

Catharina Robbertze travels the dream, her blog is full of her African Adventures, just the kind that makes you want to go travel Africa for months and months. Gorgeous photos, we want more, we want more!


  1. I'm so glad we found each other too! Your sweet words were a little to much though, and I'm blushing all over the place. And I regret not taking a picture too! I can't believe that between the two silly bloggers, one of us didn't remember.

    I have to say I love the term "broody" -- so much lovelier than "baby crazy" :)

    1. ha ha, glad you like it, to be honest I'm not even totally sure if that's the correct word, might be to direct a translation of the Afrikaans word. Anyway, sorry for making you blush, but it had to be done. :)

  2. Now if I could just stop being so lazy and actually post a few blogs...

  3. Thanks babe! I really really do need to start a new one! I've got some ideas written down already. On with it! Enjoying this blog a day challenge. :)