Friday, July 27, 2012

weekend road trip: part three

the early morning wake up, the bad gas station coffee, the good gas station coffee, the wide open road, the boring interstate stretches, the broken air-con in +30 degrees heat, the imagination gone wild, the long honest conversations, the hope of spotting a moose, a bear, a big foot, the scenic stops, the lazy breakfast, the breath taking views, the interesting people, the touristy shops, the mountains and lakes and rivers and small towns left in a by gone era, the colourful motel at peak summer rates, the cherries and sandwiches... some of the parts that make up an amazing road trip. my favourite thing.
in Glacier Park

cherries in South Africa are expensive, here they over-floweth, a real treat 

motel in the small town of east glacier

breakfast, where we failed to have the huckleberry pancakes listed as the best huckleberry pancakes ever by the NY times or something. we fail.

i bought an antler for 5 usd, home decoration has begun 

impressive second hand bookstore found while driving I-90, found a Kalil Gibran book that sent flutterings through my heart.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a weekend road trip: part two

mountains are my possibly one of my favourite pieces of God's magnificent art. they never fail to leave me speechless. being around mountains has this way of keeping me in the moment, i'm not dwelling on the past, i'm not dreaming about the future, i'm just there, small, and briefly. captivated.

still in Glacier National Park, the magnificent mountains.

Glacier National Park, has found a place in my dreams and is a 'happy place' destination forever.

Monday, July 23, 2012

a weekend road trip. part one

give me my best friend, the open road and an infinite amount of nature and i'll be as content as can be. this past weekend basically was spent driving almost 1300km in 2 days but it was the best kind of driving, with the best kind of company, with the best kind of scenery.  i feel very blessed.

part one: Glacier National Park, Montana. lead me to the water.

i love that my shoes match the pebbles

we saw a wedding being set up on this shore, i feel somehow attached to other brides of 2012. so was happy that the weather was perfect for some couple i've never met.

the best kind of company

i'm told that according to some legend this small island is where the 'black feet' people came to be...

this was taken a few moments before i got my new engagement ring. my original ring was taken by gun point earlier this year, so here was a beautiful, emotional and healing moment. not every girl can say they were purposed to twice. a very blessed girl indeed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

around here alone

i think it some kind of an accomplishment, to like one's own company. something i need to master to truly enjoy and not 'simply get through' the next three weeks.
i'm getting married in less than three months, relocating, starting so much more new than the next bride, so here's to enjoying the calm and the space and the chickens and the dog Meg... and my point and shoot Canon camera.
oh and the glorious long summer days!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

in back (yard) woods

this is not something i'm used to, don't see myself growing tired to this kind of space and beauty any day soon.