Monday, December 15, 2014



Crafting: Braiding white and red yarn for Christmas gift wrapping and rewriting my Chocolate Salted Caramels labels to say 'Keep refrigerated and not refriDgerated' 
Baking: The famous, top secret, only-bread-worth-eating family recipe Cranberry Nut Bread and making the last few batches of Salted Caramels.
Feeling proud: Three weeks later and I'm still very proud of hosting our first Thanksgiving, mix and match chairs, a fold out table, a Walmart fabric make do table cloth... perfectly cooked turkey, South African style green beans, new traditions and string lights.
Listening to: Christmas music, yes, the reformation of the self identified Grinch continues.
Planning: A Whole15 sometime in January, not January 1st.
Dreaming: Of a white Christma... ha ha, no. I'm dreaming of the Italian summer vacation I'm planning with my family next year. Living on the other side of the world as your family does have its perks, like "let's meet half way, oh! half way is Italy"
Wondering: What being a dog owner is revealing about my future parenting style.
Grateful: for the sweet care package I received in the mail from my bestie today. It's insane how happy the word 'Woolworths' makes me. Also feeling grateful for the amazingly wild journey of 2014, it's been weird and hard and wonderful and charming. 
Hoping: to paint my walls white, trim my bangs and learn Swahili soon.
Watching: On season 6 of watching Gilmore Girls the second time around. Parks and Rec with Ben and counting down the days till I can watch Downton Abbey!
Enjoying: Playing hide and seek with Ben and puppy Henry, sneaking in mini hikes before everything is covered in snow and getting into the Christmas spirit.
Reading: Anna Karenina, only about 50 pages in and loving it.
Excited about: The Christmas break and all the crafting and catching up with gorgeous people I'll be doing.
Sharing: These random pictures with you, mostly from our trip to the Jerry Johnson hot-spring in Idaho.  Others from Thanksgiving and others from the Christmas tree hunt, in no particular order: