Monday, June 24, 2013

Camping and marriage

You know, a pleasant surprise? Like buying a second hand book and finding someone left a 20 dollar note inside, a forgotten bookmark maybe. Paying for economy, getting the bump up to business class. Waking up and it's a Saturday not a work day. Buying one and getting a whole other one for free, unexpectedly!

I don't really know how this feels, but I can tell you about the most pleasant of surprises. Marrying this handsome guy, discovering how much you both love camping AFTER the wedding.
Ben and I met in Vietnam, we didn't do outdoorsy things there, we lived in South Africa together briefly, did a few more outdoorsy things but not really. Spent a year in a long distance engagement, so, as you can imagine, not much outdoors action going on there.
Till we get married, we survive the wild Northwestern never ending winter, finding a passionate love for being outside, being outside together, and more recently camping.
Ben didn't know marrying me that I'd happily deal with sleeping on the ground, brave outhouses, smell like mosquito repellant and miss a shower here and there for the pure joy of camping. We freaking love it!

A most happy surprise we have been to each other.

This is us camping rustic style in Big Meadow Lake over the weekend.

How cool are our orange chairs? Ben won them in an office draw a day before our camping trip. So bright and kind of tacky, I love them!


  1. Cool camping chairs! Camping is such an easy, cheap, fun way to get out. And it goes well with a road trip. We did Namibia last year with our tent in the boot. Highly recommended!

    1. He he thanks ;) Namibia! That must have been amazing! It's a dream we have to do just that someday soon, I can't wait to take Ben there, you'll have to share some tips! x

  2. I love camping with my boyfriend! We generally end up camping when we go to races so there are lots of other people camping around us. But we have done a few trips where it is just us and it is so calming.