Tuesday, June 25, 2013

21 things I didn't expect would make me this happy: The housewife edition

Let's just say I didn't grow up with real chores like most normal kids. Well at least normal American kids. We had a cleaning lady for most of my life so scrubbing and ironing and stain removal doesn't not come natural to me.

Now I'm married, working, uhm, let's say 'freelance', and have my very own kitchen. It's been a learning experience...
Sometimes I read 'cleaning tips' in the Real Simple and I'm like "What?! I didn't know you have to clean that".

Anyway, in these last few months I've found the strangest joy in the strangest places. I always thought traveling, good food, girl talk, camping and sleeping in made me happy... I mean it does, but I didn't think new dishwashing liquid that smell of orange blossoms would make me equally happy.

Here are a few more happy makers:

1  A new pair of yellow gloves

2 First time recipe attempt success

3 Second time recipe attempt success

4 Easy Iron shirts

5 Finding that a certain clothing item doesn't have to be ironed at all.

6 Going out to eat. Nothing tastes as good as having a clean kitchen in the morning.
 7 Clean and warm post dryer laundry love. That's a thing right?

8 When I can cover an oven dish in foil well enough so that I don't have to wash it afterwards and just toss out the foil. Major accomplishment around here.

9 Successfully growing herbs
10 When dinner can also be left over lunch the next day. Score!

11 Non Stick Anything

12 The smell of bleach, the smell of success.
13 When all the socks in the laundry basket match up. This might have only happened once. IN MY LIFE

14 Making up this house rule where the bed doesn't need to be made on weekends.

15 Dusting.
16 When clothes pass the 'sniff test', less laundry to do! yay.

17 That satisfying sense of achievement  once all the floors are swept .
18 An empty trash can.

19 Finding enough quarters to do the laundry

20 Fresh flowers everywhere is a sure highlight.

21 This new shower curtain

 Isn't life just the weirdest?


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