Friday, July 18, 2014

3 amazing things right now

3 amazing things:

1- It's still summer, hot hot yummy summer

2- We adopted our puppy today! We're a family of 3 now! I can't wait to pick him up on Monday! I can't seem to talk about our puppy with exclamation marks!! Because PUPPY!!!!

3- We camped at the North Cascades last weekend. Just like we did last year and I'm sure will do every year for as long as we live in Washington State. Which makes me think I might never want to leave WA, ever.

Here a few shots from our whirlwind trip.

Not pictured: What we look like after a 14 mile hike, what we look like after driving 6 hours in an Aircon-less car across a desert, what we look like right now as we try to patiently wait for Monday. Because puppy!