Friday, August 31, 2012

Classy glass and pretty lace

diy bride, working late into the night. here my flower vases, elegant mayonnaise and jam jars with a variety of lace and ribbons. it's all coming together with 43 days to go.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ceremony here

the venue in Jeffery's bay/ wedding planners are as excited as i am about finding the perfect location for our field wedding. somewhere in this general area. doesn't it look perfect?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MoMA and me

any chance to spend time in New York City i'll take, even if it's less than 6 hours. so with that short amount of time i knew i could basically pick one thing to do. i chose a visit to the Modern Museum of Art with a side of cheesecake of course.

it somehow feels wrong to take pictures of art, i do it every now and then, but still. i decided to get my own kind of arty amusement by taking photos of people taking photos. maybe not very arty but a little bit more amusement for me.

so here with some art and other nyc finds:

i just had to pose with kandinsky, he's my favourite

and just had to take a picture here, i gasped so loud when i discovered the painting was here, it was almost embarrassing 

frida, why so small?

i don't get it, there i said it
a pollock and someone i don't know

this is my favourite photo
our old (apartheid government) flag, so that was weird

not in the gallery, just happened to walk past it. at least i know now there is a justification to come to new york when i'm homesick. (would work out slightly cheaper)

Monday, August 13, 2012

last day or two, see you later summer and lover

i've been home now for about 4 full days and still the jet lag is kicking me right in the face. while i unsuccessfully try come out of this haze let me share the last bit of my summer time spent with my wonderful best friend, who i marry today in two months. 

last date, incredible food at Casper Fry in the Perry District

romantic stroll around Manito Park, as couples do

our favourite yard sale finds, cause we're a little kitsch like that, and we like it like that.

relaxing in the back (woods) yard with our 2 dollar yard sale blanket.

i already miss washington trees

Friday, August 3, 2012

almost time to go

this i'm sure will be the last post from here for a while. time to travel on back down to africa, via hours in NYC and a brief fling with Istanbul. 
i will miss this man and these long days. the man i'll see in 2 months, the long days i'll have to wait for a little longer.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

slow walking in Spokane

soon you'll see me back at home, planning our wedding that's less than 2 and a half months away, but as for these last few days i just acquaint  myself with Spokane where and when i can. not much of that happening seeing as i'm mostly spending my days around the far out farm.
it's a strange thing to imagine this place my new home. but my home is where my future husband is now.
i walk around imagining what it will be like in a few months, colder and more permanent, but married.