Wednesday, July 31, 2013

9 things I'm still not completely used to

I should note that half of these still-strange-to-me things have to do with driving, and I've only been driving here for a few weeks.

Other than that I've lived here coming on 9 months.

(Doesn't anything that lasts 9 months make you think of having a baby?)

Well I'm not having a baby, but I am surprised at what still surprises me here in good ol US of A:

1) Turning right at red robots.

I often forget that this is allowed when safe to do so. Thankfully Spokane drivers don't honk, they are the politest drivers I've ever driven amongst. So sorry about that guys, I'm working on it.

2) Still not calling robots "traffic lights" like the rest of the normal English speaking world.

3) When people say 'rufff' instead of 'roof'

It makes me giggle every single time, it honestly sounds like a cute puppy barking. In my defense my accent is the odd one out around here, so I get to laugh in your face on the inside.

4) How blue-sky, short-shorts, forever-days, melt-my-ice-cream, sexy-yummy-hot the Spokane summer has been.

I think about this everyday. I love it, can you tell?

5) Putting our automatic car in 'park'.  I forget.

At least I'm walking to the right side of the car 8/9 times as opposed to the 3/9 times of earlier months.

6) Just how much I miss my friends and family still.

It's a crazy amount of a lot.

...sniff, sulk, throws self on floor like a Disney princess and sobs for 3 minutes.

I'm okay, moving on.

7) That leaving my handbag or cell on the passenger seat (for everybody to see), isn't the dumbest thing I've ever done.

I've not heard of one smash-and-grab incident here.

8) Speaking of that... The fact that walls (never mind electrical fencing and spikes) are not a thing here.

I still can't help looking into people's yard and front windows to see what they have, just because I can! So again, Spokane guys, sorry, that creeper is me. (but seriously, hang a curtain, that Mac computer on display is making me nervous)

9) How expensive it is to get to South Africa.

It's literally on the other side of the planet. Why! 

I'll check in with you guys again in a few months, see how my progress is going. Talk about rufffs and traffic lights and such, okay? 


  1. I love this :) I can't even imagine what things I'd take forever getting used to if I moved to South Africa. The thought of all the houses being surrounded by walls still sounds so weird to me. I can't even imagine what that looks like. How tall are they? Are property sizes bigger or do small city lots have the same walls? Aren't they super ugly? Or do people paint them? So many questions :)

    1. I must show you pictures! To answer your questions: They are usually very tall, as in, you can't just jump over easily (and if you can it usually has spikes or electrical fencing). Property sizes really depends, from big to small, just about everybody has a wall or fence. Generally I don't think most walls are ugly, they're usually built in the same style as the house, so yeah they get painted. I dislike palacade fencing though, it's ugly. The plus side is more privacy (apart from the safety issue)

  2. I can't imagine houses without walls! Every time I go into one of those estates where they don't have walls I feel like I am in a American sitcom.

    1. I often feel like I'm in an American sitcom :) mostly because of my weirdness...
      Yeah it's weird how open it is here, it kind of freaks me out that there is just my front door that's the barrier between me and the outside world.

  3. Wow! You call traffic lights what? Tee hee. I find your thoughts honest and silly. I hope you like it here :)

    1. Haha yes, robots, I've never really been able to explain this to my non-South African friends before, it's so random I know :)
      Thanks for your sweet comment, and yes I absolutely love it here!

  4. Ruffff, we miss you too!

    What is an elephant ear?!

    1. :) Actually I'm not sure... I just thought that picture was funny because they advertise so many 'deep fried' things. What is deep fried candy?? Not sure I want to know. x miss you

  5. Sounds like it has been an adventure. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at