Friday, August 2, 2013

The weekend distraction

Today I bring you the weekend distraction.

I have these plans on how to become a better blogger and take things a little more seriously around here. One of those ideals would is to be more stable with this "distraction" deal I've go going on.

Other ideals of how to become a better blogger are:

-Getting a real pretty design, with social media buttons and 'about me' sections. (Oh the dream)
-Start a series or two.
-Do outfit posts... or do I? Should I? Can I get over the pose in public trauma?
-Get a fig leaf tree, and have it in every single photo I take of our apartment.
-Go pick fruit, then take a million pictures of me holding said fruit with two hands. (Also, rock an amazing outfit at the same time... moccasins featured)
-Only ever drink out of a mason jar with stripped paper straws.

...Okay I'm getting silly, here with some fascinating links that will change your world:

Willful/Joyful was mean enough to get me hooked on Wildflower photography's blog. Mean mean girl that willful one... Anyway, it's definitely my blog of the week. I spent an unspeakable amount of time reading just about anything Joy wrote and got totally lost in her amazing photography. See this cute 4 min video of her family (of 6!!) traveling America with the a vintage trailer.
It's got me dreaming all crazy kinds of traveling dreams, it will do the same for you.

Recipe recommendation for the week: Middle Eastern Sliders.
I've been think about this all week. 

This is not your average travel tip post, but it makes me want to road trip California more than ever.

 Text Sketches talks about the Drakensberg! The very place that taught me that I will forever be a mountain soul. Some people are ocean, some are wild bush. But mountains... sigh, they do things to me. Also, her post is going to make you want to go there now. 

Conversations with my two year old. Part 5. Can't get enough of this.

Still going strong on the 30 Day Self portrait challenge, I'm learning about my face, editing and how to better take iphone snaps of other people. On the other side, I'm getting a little tired of my mug. And so should you! Follow me here. (ends shameless plug)

This is beautiful and inspirational to do something (anything), got me a little teary, so be warned.

I've never been quoted before.

I'll take this leather wallet, and this tote thank you very much.

Love this song! 'we went wild' . Perfect weekend tune.

Best of weekends to you friends. x


  1. Just yesterday I thought, "I haven't had my 'Thursday Distraction' yet!" Phew, thank goodness I got a weekend distraction! I won't mind if you decided to keep it a regular thing.
    Loved the post about ONE person making a difference.

    I agree with you on the moountain person thing. I'm definitely that one too. Dreaming up my next Drakensberg trip as I'm writing this...
    (Thanks for the mention!)

    1. Glad you like being distracted as much as I do! Already looking forward to more of your Drakensberg posts!