Sunday, August 18, 2013

That road trip and other thoughts

Reflecting on;

Just how different things are going to be for a while.
a Short while or a long time, both scare me equally.

The past week's road trip through the Olympic peninsula...
The long drives,
and long conversations,
big evergreen trees,
the gift of beach side campsite in high season,
washed up logs and dead crabs,
watching the moon set over the ocean for the first time in my life,
that thunderstorm,
wondering how everybody got to the other good campsite before us,
the 'check engine light',
how much we ended up talking about twilight,
tsunami escape route signs,
the scariest bunny encounter ever,
camp food,
West Coast sunsets,
how to be present,

Trying to cultivate the kind of life that doesn't live for one adventure to the next, planning road trips and counting off days to the next travel date. This is hard, and I'm not sure I'm getting it just right, but I want to. Don't let me miss the wonder of even ordinary days.

For now these iphone vscocam photos, I'll share some more soon.


  1. I love these shots from your trip! It sure looks like you had a really nice time :)

    1. I love it when amazing photographers say they like my pictures! It's the best!

  2. I once saw the moon come up over the ocean. I think it was the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life! Would love to see it set over the ocean too.
    That not living for the next adventure, but seeing the beauty in every day is a big topic. I still need a lot of wisdom there!

    1. It actually took a while to notice what was going on, then it dawned on me, I'm on the West Coast (hence the beautiful sunsets too). It was so cool! Going from bright to that moody yellowish, felt like I was experiencing it backwards. We should start the 'Every day beauty' challenge or something, make it fun! x

  3. Love that we both just can't sit still! But also understand that feeling of waiting and planning that seems to take over too much...

    1. Ha ha yes, we're bad aren't we? loved seeing your Instagram updates of your recent road trip! (makes me want to go there too)

  4. These are such lovely pictures! And is that Kalaloch in one of those pictures? It just looks like one of my favorite campgrounds. Makes me want to take a road trip!
    It's such a great thing to learn to see the wonder in ordinary days as well as the exciting ones. I think I need to learn that as well!

    1. Yes it is! Wow, I'm so impressed that you caught that. That campsite was such a gift, we didn't really plan where we were going and what we wanted to do (other than the Olympic Peninsula) and didn't realize we were doing so in peak season (silly us). We saw that campground had the 'camp full' sign out front, but decided to stop and ask the ranger if there wasn't a cancellation, and there was! Right on the beach... I had to physically stop myself from jumping up and down and skipping back to car once we confirmed the site for two days. x

    2. Hehe, I only knew because it's my favorite campground and we've started to go there every year! And those trees are AMAZING.
      That is SO lucky that you got the cancellation spot! Kalaloch is such a beautiful place. How fun!