Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Yup, winter.

Winter sucks!  These links help:

Cup of Jo shared these ten tips... I'm a particular fan of 'do what you want', like my embarrassing addiction to watching 'One tree hill' on Netflix finally found the validation it needed.

Katie shared this delightful 'spring-y' post that helps me think of the glorious days on their tardy way.

I'm making this Crock Pot curry soon, because winter and because curry.

Exquisite Banana reminds that sanity is found in bundled up winter walks and snow ball fights.

I don't get to complain too much I think, because for one I have less than a month left of winter before we visit South Africa and secondly because it still takes my breath away when I look out my window to see sparkly snow covered everything despite it being -10 C.


  1. It is frigging cold here!!! But the sunshine today was beautiful, especially on the mountains. And I do love the look of snow. :)

    1. I'll definitely take the sunshine over the grey days even if I had to pay 10 or degrees for it, but it's almost impossible to be outside too long! Pretty snow makes everything better!

  2. Your trip is so so so so so so sooooooon now! :D

  3. Love the icicle eating shot hahah And no, you don't get to complain - you're going on an amazing trip soon! ;-)
    But I agree, this winter brrrrrr