Monday, January 27, 2014

Super fast, super healthy cookies for a crazy woman

The always cheerful and weirdly calm little fifties housewife alter ego in me says, with a sparkling smile:

"If you don't buy crap, you won't eat crap"

Some kind of healthy resolution I no doubtly picked up from hours on Pinterest.

What a stupid saying I thought as I stare blankly at the bag of spinach, farm fresh eggs and slow cooker chicken left overs.

I WANT CRAP! I want to stuff copious amounts of cookies and everything in my face. Rage.

There are only two options:

Run frantically to nearest bakery and try to explain over short breaths that you'll take the table in the corner, a 12oz coffee with room for cream and more seriously, explain with earnest that you don't want to see the bottom of a cookie plate, keep em coming, understand?


You can bake something

But if you're annoyingly "health minded" or something stupid like that, this will be a challenge.

This post on 'Story of my life' saved the day.

The perfect answer to: I only have healthy stuff, but want cookies NOW dilemmas. That doesn't just happen to me right?

Her recipe calls for 1 cup oats, half a cup peanut butter, half a cup ground flax, half a cup chocolate chips, 1/3 cup honey and one teaspoon vanilla.

I had oats, so I knew this was going to be the answer to my mad woman cookie craving needs.

I used almond butter instead of peanut butter. Making me feel like the healthiest, smartest person around, because eating healthier makes you feel better than other people makes you feel healthy or something.  

I wasn't sure what ground flax was and had no time to Google that sort of minor detail. I figured, sounds healthy, you know what I have that's healthy? Coconut oil. Basically the answer to everything forever. So I added that.

I also didn't have chocolate chips, because, well see above stupid notion of not buying stuff 'that's bad for you'. I did however have a whole slab of Trader Joe's organic dark chocolate, it's so healthy that I don't even consider it a treat, more like a salad if you will. So I chopped that up and used that.

I had honey, organic, local free trade, conflict free, happy, made in the USA honey. Obviously. (Well my parent's in law have bees so there's the reason for that)

And vanilla, yes check.

I mixed it all together, used my bare hands to roll each spoonfull into little balls and placed them on some wax paper.

The recipe then suggests to cool the mixture in the fridge for a couple of hours.


No time for that. That mixture went straight to the freezer. For about as long as it takes the lick the mixing bowl out and make a cup of tea.

Finally! Cookies, basically the healthiest yummy snack I could make. Win!

All is well with the world again. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go make sweet potato wedges and spinach salad to go with the slow cooked chicken for dinner.


  1. Oh this made me laugh! I'm not quite as stocked up on healthy stuff so I end up making weird cookie substitutes that are just about as unhealthy as if I'd just bought those darn american choc chip cookies from the shop 500m away, except buying them means that 1) I get a 1km walk and 2) there are no dishes to wash. So these concoctions usually happen on Sundays when everything is closed. I agree though, dark organic etc etc etc chocolate is basically salad.

    1. Haha I'm glad I'm not alone. I bet that's how we'll discover the next best cookie recipe and become famous on Pinterest or something. Happy baking ;)

  2. This made me laugh! But seriously, these look delicious! I also get on these "healthy" kicks and end up wanting to shove junk food in my face til I choke. Argh, it's so hard!