Thursday, January 1, 2015

Something something New Year Something

I spent the first day of the year as a statement. On the surface I did nothing, but in reality I rested. This year needs to start out in rest. I don't know why exactly, but that's what makes the most sense.  I don't seem to have a word for 2015 (Further proof that I was never going to be a real blogger) so I'll just go with resting to start out and take it from here.

The day was further spent reading books and articles, talking budget, travel plans and healthy eating ideals. No hard or fast resolutions just letting the priorities become clear again.

And the priorities are (and have clearly not been the last few weeks): Time spent being completely filled with God. Because out of that do I move into being the best wife I can be, then friend I can be, then employee I can be. 

Followed by the the priority of intentional healthy and whole habits followed by creative outlets and silliness.

This day also had to include this post on Lanlettie, because I still can't seem to quit this space despite the loveless past few months. I'm sentimental I guess...