Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Big Meadow Lake

Hiking Wandering around Big Meadow Lake.


Big Meadow Lake, the details: (Because sometimes I like being useful around here)

Where: Colville National Forest. I'd say under a two hour leisurely drive from Spokane, WA

Cost: Free, camp sites are on first come first set up basis.

What's there: Hiking trails, a lake, a look out tower, 16 campsites- some with lake views, others more private, boat launch, fishing dock with benches.

 What isn't there: Electricity, garbage disposal, swimming areas (leeches!), a paved road to get there. An obnoxious camp leader- we read some reviews that stated otherwise.

Each campsite has: a fire pit and a picnic table, there's an outhouse for every section of the campsite. 

Personal recommendations: Bring mosquito repellent, although there really wasn't as many as we had expected. Bring dry fire wood (from the area), wood in the camp tends be on the damp side. Bring own water. Take a walk around the lake, highly recommended. The earlier you get there the better chance you'll have to pick your ideal campsite, not all sites are created equal here. We arrived around 12am and had plenty to choose from. Bring extra eggs to toss at the ridiculous RV with a generator. 

Pets: Yes

We really enjoyed spending the night here, but I've told you about that already.

A few more useful photos:

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