Monday, May 13, 2013

Apologising to America

Today's topic: make a public apology

Day 13

Dear America,

I want to pubically apologise for some of the resentment I have towards you.

I resent that you're so far from South Africa, but thankful you're so close to Mexico.

I resent that your tourist visas are expensive and a real mission to get, but thankful that you give ten year visas. (Yes I'm looking at you judementally Europe with your schengan visa rules)

I resent that you're so big, seriously, there's so much of you I want to explore but everything seems so far apart, especially here in the Northwest. I am however thankful for the beauty you do provide on those epic roadtrips.

I resent that you're not the same as your Hollywood version. At the same time, I pretty darn thankful that you're not the same as your Hollywood version.

Also, I apologise for those things I said abou you when the green card process was taking forever. Hope you've forgotten about that, but thanks for getting that green card to me in the end.

Sorry for waving my fists in a furry at you with regards to warmer weahter taking so long to arrive. Although, I have to say I'm very appreciative of how pretty your spring is, especially here in Spokane.

Seems like you and I will have to get along better, I'm not leaving anytime soon it seems. Also sorry for being a little sad about this fact every now and then, but thanks for taking me in none the less.

..I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship America, that's if you'll forgive me for these minor little trespasses.

some photos of a recent roadtrip:


  1. I love the photographs. The views are spectacular. It seems that people all over have had to wait a while for spring this year.

    1. Thanks Rachel! it was like mid summer around here last week, today... back down to mid fifties. sigh.

  2. America forgives you!

    1. thanks America, you're awesome like that aren't you!?