Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What NOT to be afraid of anymore

Today's topic: 'what are you most afraid of'

The only thing to fear is fear itself...

LOL, no.

What does that even mean? Like a 90's motivational poster quote, only it's not motivational at all.

Seeing as yesterdays topic felt a little heavy I don't think today's post about fear should be heavy.

Side note: Of course my biggest fear is getting a phone call that something really really bad has happened to someone I love and I'm sitting here on the other side of the world, but just thinking about this makes me a little crazy.  Hence the different take on the topic of the day.

What am I NOT afraid of anymore:

* Monsters under my bed
Well technically we still only have a mattress on the floor, so technically there could be no technical monster under said bed.

*Getting a note sent home to my parents because of homework not done, naughty behavior, injuring other classmates.

*Not having date for the Matric Farewell (Prom)


*Not working abroad.  I used to say, before moving to Vietnam, that I was more scared of not taking on that adventure than actually taking on that adventure.

*Misspelling a word on the board. (I used to be a English Teacher ESL)

*Missing a curfew.

*Being hi-jacked at the traffic light. 

*Fitting in with the cool kids

*The Tokoloshe

* Wetting the bed because I played with fire (this might be a cultural reference)

*Not finding a husband, and being single forever and ever.

*Messing up someones international travel plans (I used to be a travel agent)

*Failing a test/ Forgetting about a test/ Getting a B on a History tests

... although, I still have nightmares about that.

*My red Ford Escort dying on me while driving at night (ah first car memories)

So yay for not being afraid of these things anymore!

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  1. haha, ek het al vergeet van jou rooi kar :) lallie