Friday, May 24, 2013

Everyday end

I woke up to a flooded email this morning.

Hundreds and hundreds of concerend fans asking why I missed the last few days of the 'blog everyday in may' challenge.

Firstly, guys thanks for the concern, nothing terrible has happened, I'm still here.

Secondaly, I'm sorry that you missing out on my inspiring daily blog posts have messed up your past few days.

Thirdly, sorry for making all that up.

I'm not a fan of giving up. Who is right? However, the more I tried to follow the blog everyday in May challenge the more I started to realise that I'm just not that kind of blog.

I enjoyed trying on a few topics, I enjoyed the challenge of coming up with something new everyday. I also enjoy, and still will, following along other blogs that are keeping on with the challenge to the very end.

But things just started to feel less organic, less Lanlettie, as the posts went on. The moment I decided that I need to walk away from the challenge was the moment I felt peacefully excited about Lanlettie again, so I'm just going to go with that.

I hope you enjoyed the days that I did do, and I hope you'll keep stopping by as I figure out what it is I want this space to be.  Talking about my most embarrasing moments and my lot in life is not it, I think.

Enjoy these pictures as I continue contimplating qaulity and authentic material for upcoming posts.

From a tucked away Hanoi file, I recently rediscovered and feel like sharing with you for no apparent reason.


  1. I don't know whether you have read my worst traits post, but... Well done on being brave enough to "give up". I hope this makes sense. If not, read

    1. Yeah I read it! So funny that you think that's a horrible trait. Thanks for making me feel a little better about it :)