Friday, May 3, 2013

3 uncomforatble things on day 3

Today's post topic is 'Things that make you uncomfortable'

(Some topics I'm more excited about than others, today one I feel a little 'meh' about, but others I'm really looking forward to writing about, other I might just creatively misinterpret for the sake of getting it done)

There are three things that make me uncomfortable:

1. When people ask me what star sign I am.

2. Talking about money.

3. a Twisted bra strap that won't untwist... or is that more of a discomfort than being uncomfortable.

I thought about explaining why on each number, but then I relised my blogging brain has stopped working for the day. Poor thing, it's never been so active in it's life.

So instead, pictures of flowers:

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