Monday, May 27, 2013

Practice nature

Skerp oogies/little sharp eyes. A 'nickname' my parents gave me when I was still very young. For as long as I can remember my family enjoyed taking long weekend trips, especially up to the Kruger National Park in winter months.  How do you keep a toddler entertained in the car while you're trying to enjoy the magic of the bush with hopes of spotting wild life? Let her believe that she has a super power. A super power where she can spot all the amazing animals first. (Because what's the point in spotting that giraffe second right?).  A super power I still believe I have thanks to their clever parenting skills.
This weekend we took a drive through Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. Maybe a half an hours drive from home. Ben and I both wanted to fine tune our super power skills (turns out he is part of the force too) before heading over to Yellowstone next weekend.
The skill that is combing through bushes and trees to spot a moose, a bear, a chipmunk. Remembering how to dive into nature with all five senses. The sound of rustling quaking aspens, the smell of a water body, the taste of last minute packed snacks, the feel of gripping onto binoculars or adjusting the zoom just right, the peace that comes from staring off into wide open spaces.

** Read this account of my friends visit there with kids, also with more useful information and gorgeous photos!**


  1. Hierdie foto's is stunning. Dit lyk na die heerlikste road trips. Slaap julle dan nooit laat op Saterdae nie?

    1. Thanks lady!! :) he he, wel ek slaap laat op Saterdae meeste van die tyd, my man is een van daai wat kan vroeg op staan (weird. Gelukkig hier raak dit nou eers donker so 9 uur in die aand, so ons maak gebruik van die lekker lang dae. Mens moet, want die winter is die dae weer so kort.