Sunday, May 12, 2013

What I'll miss about Spokane

Today's topic "What do you miss"

(phew, I'm a little uninspired here at the end of a lovely weekend)

This is the third country I've lived in, the seventh city I've lived in, the tenth home I've lived in(since my 21st brithday).

I get around.

Every time I move I miss some aspects of the previous place, and as you can imagine, I miss South Africa a lot! I miss my family and friends like crazy. My car, the family dog, Nandos...

But instead of getting caught up in that I'm going to share with you what I would miss about Spokane, the North West and the US, if we were to move tomorrow.

I've actually been thinking about what I would miss a lot.  It's helped me appreciate what I do have right now. It helps with those homesick 'i-just-want-to-go-have-sushi-with-belinda-and-visit-izanne-and-speak-afrikaans-and-drink-wine-with-my-family' days.  I can't be the only one that feels this way every now and then, right?

So let me share some here.
(I say some, because I know I'll think of a few extra very clever things I should have posted here like 4 days on)

- Just a how freaking gorgeous this town is in the late Spring. I.CAN'T.GET.ENOUGH! (See my instagram for an overload of blossoms)

-Trees everywhere

-Our apartment. For wood floors and big window reasons, but also sentimental first home together reasons.
-The Spokane river. Riverfront Park. Spokane Falls.
-The Monroe bridge, and the views.
-Snow.  Not that I'm missing it so much in this very moment, but I know that I would miss it.

-Manito Park of course.


-Micro breweries

-Spokane Downtown and how close we are to it.

-Tulips and lilacs. It's not called the lilac city for nothing, believe me.

-Being close to my family in law.

-Their farm, the free eggs and honey.

-The Steam Plant,

-Trader Joe's

-Being so close to the hiking trails.

-The Palouse (just recently discovered how gorgeous it is)

-Our neighborhood, and all the tree lined streets.

-That it's safe to walk

As I mentioned, these are just a few of the things I think I'd really miss.


  1. Wow, that shot of the Spokane river is really great! :) I think it's good to think of what you like BEFORE you leave... helps with that grass-is-greener syndrome! :)

    1. You should see that river in real life! It just doesn't get old. I love it! Sure does help with that, but I've noticed it's not something that comes naturally, I have to remind myself to do that daily. :)