Wednesday, December 5, 2012

a favorite: walking

i don't know how clear i have made myself on this subject here, but in case you don't get it by now, i love to walk. man i freaking love it.

i love that it's a walk friendly place (i'm sure New Yorkers would disagree, but i'm from' drive your car 100m Jo'burg'), it's safe for me to walk (i'm sure Europeans would disagree, but i'm from 'take of all your valuables off, leave your phone, take the dog Jo'burg'), i love that there are places for me to walk to, and oh the places i have walked so far (getting to that), i love the therapy that walking has on a 'new housewife, in a new country, far from many lovely things (despite the no walk, dangerous Jo'burg i've just mentioned).

simply, walking does me all kinds of good and all kinds of good come of it.

last friday, going a little crazy from spending so much time in our wonderful apartment, i took a stroll, and tourist style met some more of Spokane, my, er, home.
correct me if i'm worng, but this has something to do with the bloomsdale race? which apparently is a real big deal here, hence these running figures with the weird asses. (totally going to run bloomsdale to fit in by the way)

ah this river, i've never really lived close to anything this beautiful, and it's walking distance. the rush of the water and quietness of going during a weeks day is about as therapeutic as it sounds

look mom, walking under  a bridge by myself without pepper spray.

#booradley seems to be quite the Spokane gem of a store. I spent more time in here than i care to admit

#atticus gift shop and cafe an instant favorite ... not that i've been able to buy anything at said stores yet. #newlywedbudgetingistricky


  1. I just spent some time skipping through your archives :) I'm thoroughly enjoying reading about you discovering my home town! I can't wait for the spring when you really get to see Manito in all it's glory and when the Falls hit flood stage down at Riverfront. It's breath taking. And yes, you will have to do Bloomsday! It's a great Spokane event, especially if you like happy crowds and exercise. So anyways, welcome to Spokane! I'm going to follow along on the blog, and if you ever want to ask any questions about the area, I'd be more than happy to talk your ear off :)

  2. Thanks Amanda! Will do just that. I've spent a few weeks here in summer and loved it, but Spring is the season I look forward to most, not that i'm going let myself get to excited about that just yet. I am enjoying the snow, totally a new thing for me! and thanks for having such a lovely hometown to explore ;) might run into you some time at Manito or riverfront. Spokane feels like a big small town in that way.