Thursday, December 6, 2012

free stuff, to keep.. for three weeks

 a few facts you need to know to fully appreciate this next post:

fact: i live in Spokane, i'm new here, i know 5 people.
fact: i married a gorgeous man.
fact: he is also very funny and happens to be my best friend.
fact: this means i'm in the process of getting a green card (note, these things are pricey) 
the actual fact: we are newlyweds.
another fact: i'm unemployed ...uhm, wait, i think i can call myself a housewife now?
which basically brings us to this fact: we are on a major budget. 
another fact: it's winter here, the sun sets at like 4 or something of that ridiculous nature.

with that in mind i think you'll believe the pure excitement of discovering the local library.

remember those?

it's this magical place where free information and entertainment awaits anybody from students to homeless people to newlyweds.  with photo id at hand you can check out up to 60 books. 60!!! Not only books but dvds. music, magazines, newspapers... imagine that. (well photo id and proof of residence if you're wanting to get technical here)

it might also be a little weird just how big of a deal it was to me that the city of Spokane trusted me enough to give me a library card... what ever green card, now i'm really getting the hang of this whole american dream/freedom/life something something.  feeling so official right now.   ....60!!?!!

and! AND! this is the view from the library... amazing. .....60!

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