Tuesday, December 11, 2012

that time i diy'ed my wedding

...i know "diy'ed" isn't a word.

so today, let's step away from the snow and walking everywhere posts and go back in time to honestly the best day of my life. how grateful i feel even to say that.

remember those diy posts? no?

...what do you mean no?

like this one? about how to make easy cheap bunting?

well here is how it turned out on the day:

note, i posted that in May, and was sewing my little heart out till about two weeks before the wedding. but i loved doing it. would i spend another 6-7months sewing and making things for something that will be used/appreciated for 6 hours? YES!

then there was the post about making the name tags if you care to recall?

here is that:
the brown paper bag was for the guests to fill up at the sweet station. edible favors!
i also spent a lot of time collecting any kind of jar, this might have sparked a horder in me, even now, i can't seem to through any away...
as seen on my instagram

anyway, my family and friends and i collected a few boxes full of jars that i laced and handed over to be fillled with all kind of glorious 'veld' flowers. one of my favorite parts of the wedding decor:

then of course there was the personal touches to my dress as well as the seating chart and table names that i'd love to share with you another chilly day this week.

i love to diy, love the idea of making something and saying i made that.  having had such a great excuse and the time to do the projects was just one of the million little things i was thankful for! that and of course this dude showing up...

 ps- all photo's here were taken by our amazing photographer Ingrid Marais.

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