Monday, May 28, 2012

Easy made wedding bunting

Not every bride is a DIY bride. And DIY does not always mean better or cheaper,

but for me

with my wedding still months away, my fiance in a different hemisphere and the stress of getting the fiance visa in time, DIY is therapy.

So let me share with you how I'm making happy, easy and stress-free bunting for my wedding:

What I used was:
.a sewing machine
.a pattern (that I drew myself on a piece of paper)
.a pencil .ribbon, 12mm size
.fabric, of course

After tracing my pattern a million times over, cutting each little flag out and gearing up my almost vintage sewing machine I got straight to work:

Simply fold the ribbon in half over the fabric and sew away, making note of the space between each flag

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  1. So cute! Some good cheap options for making bunting here for those who want to try...