Thursday, October 25, 2012

diy bride: how i customized my dress

ingrid marais photography
now that the wedding is over and my handsome husband has seen the dress i can go ahead and tell you all about how I made an off the rack Davids Bridal dress my own.

all that was required of me was:

(for part one)

-the bravery to start doing something to my dress with no guarantee that it will work out.

-the patience of almost a trillion hours, or, evenings spent working on my dress as i watched the entire Mad Men series from 1-5.

-a pack of glass beads... and they cost only R10 (just over a dollar). damn i love china town!

-white thread, fine needle, steady hands.

(part two)

-a fresh and organic African 'veld' to attach itself to my dress.

these are obviously from 'the day after'. i really enjoy the dirt on the dress, like a token of a celebration in nature. proof of the most amazing day.  

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