Friday, October 26, 2012

when an african marries an american...

... this obviously happens,

meet our cake toppers. wedding is over, cake long eaten, but these cake toppers are still a source of great excitement and pride. i love them, and will keep them forever.

ingrid marais photography


  1. I know I am a stranger but we share a common special person. I am so happy Ben has found some one like yourself! And I just LOVE this idea! I have enjoyed your writing and your photos. Thanks for sharing, it's so lovely to see a little bit of who you are. Maybe some day we will meet, until then I hope your lives together blossom with growth, happiness and beauty because that's true love. I hope this isn't too much coming from some one so far, and unknown. Ben, was such a dear friend in college, and for me, I see you just as dear. I just have wanted to wish you the very best! Be well, Blake

  2. thanks for the sweet message Blake, really lovely to hear from you. glad you enjoy the posts ;)