Monday, October 29, 2012

7 days left

i've spent many a hour dreaming, working, sewing, talking, and so about the wedding. and the wedding didn't dissapoint.
i've worked and stressed and cried and toiled with getting my K1 visa. and it's in the ,er, passport ready for entry.
honeymoon, what a pleasure to spend so much time, alone, with the my favourite person in the world. it was dreamlike and went by just as fast.

but here i am with one week left of living in south africa. this strange piece of time i didn't really think about.  so in between, so almost final, but not.  i've focused so on being ready to get off that 4th plane in Spokane WA, but haven't found my heart prepared for getting on that plane at O.R Tambo, Johannesburg. i'm getting there... i have to.

in the mean time, just a few recent pictures taken of my country (note: when i say 'my country' it always comes out russian accent sounding, with no reason...)

the knysna forest, i'm yet to find those fairies and those elephants

taken at the congo wildlife ranch, because when it rains on your honeymoon, you go to places like this

camps bay, western cape

driving on the N2 from Jefferys bay to Cape Town is officially my favourite drive in all the land

as long as this guy shows up at the airport next week i know i'll be just fine

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