Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday: impressive blog title here

excited for snow tubing this weekend, i have almost three decades of missing out on 'snow joy awesomeness' to make up for.

baking some more. these choc chip cookies and these shortbread cookies, apparently eating a serious diet of only cookies around Christmas doesn't make you fat. right?

thinking that i need to be physically outside of our apartment as much as possible this weekend.

avoiding most kinds of shopping till the day after Christmas, and when i return the merry music better be done, done i tell you.  there's only so many times 'i saw mommy kissing Santa' is cute... no more!

loving that there is a little bit of sunshine action going on out there, and that the snow is still pretty solid on the ground, watching the bad ass crows patrolling the neighbourhood, that most of the wrapping is done... and the smoothie maker i got delivered to me this week. dankie sussiekie xx!

hoping  for a Christmas miracle, where my green card magically appears with no more hassles, no talk of how many months it will still take to get it and... while i'm at it, a 90% off coupon for the whole deal. how about it bureaucratic America?

wanting Johannesburg South African beaches to not be so freaking far from Spokane...

remembering mannamemarak... if you are Afrikaans, between 26-28 follow that link!!! if you are not, then, uhm, don't.  While you're at it might as well listen to Mina Moo, and hopefully you too will be inspired to call someone a 'ramkat'... just me?
(this exactly the kind of random things you find when you go down the You Tube rabbit hole of your nostalgia)

singing, humming my favorite Christmas carrol despite being such a humbug about the whole festive season.

enjoying  the sunlight that has in fact broken through since. also discovering this blog afternoons and coffespoons.

needing to make time to watch love actually

thankful for; again with the sunshine, the time spent with my new in-laws, the entertaining squirrels outside my window (see why i need to get out more), a successful first attempt lasagne dish, finding affordable drinkable wine, the weekend, that my husband is so darn attractive.

have a happy weekend x

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