Thursday, December 20, 2012

is it NYE yet?

yes, i know i mentioned yesterday how i don't love christmas. gasp says America (and probably Germany). eh, i don't feel a very strong desire to explain to you why today.

what i will share is this. i love new years eve/day, it might just be my favourite. no pressure, no 'traditions' that have to start weeks and weeks before. just a moment in time, with a bit of a build up to it. 

can you even name three songs about new years eve? can you?

 there's 'new years day by U2' and then the 'still a major hit' in Vietnam 'happy new year by ABBA'. oh yes and 'final countdown' by Europe.
well, i can name three songs.   point is, you're mostly guaranteed not to hear these songs a million times on repeat over the span of 6 weeks. and hell, i'd even listen to these songs on You Tube right now.... hold on....

just linking these songs is getting my pumped up.  especially the the 'final countdown' one, seeing as it might be the end of the world tomorrow, how you doing there East side?


today the post is about loving on the age old event of saying goodbye to the old, and mentally and emotionally preparing for the new of the next year.  i'm a big fan of new and fresh starts.

i love thinking about where i spent the previous new years eve... a starting point of the reflection process, then working my way through the joyous and disastrous events of the year. (which i will share in upcoming posts)

lastly for today here is this fun fact, the last three years have been very eventful as far as NYE locations go.  allow me to share them with you briefly:

-let's start with three years ago, ah yes, 2009/2010 in Hanoi, Vietnam (when Ben should totally have kissed me but got shy and didn't)

-the year 2010/2011 NYE was spent with Ben, who has since the previous year decided to kiss me. so he was around to kiss me for this NYE... in Hong Kong

-and finally, the 2011/2012 together (very much together) in the heart of New York City, in view of the ball drop,

more photographic proof of being in NYC


confession: we stood in our spot from 9pm in order to see the ball drop (and experience the general splendor of a NYC NYE) but in the moment of counting down both of us actually FORGOT to look at the ball... because the countdown can be rather emotional you know... or something

this is the last photo of ben as an unengaged man... here i'm thinking "ben is very attractive and being very quiet at the moment" and he's thinking "i'm planning to propose to this woman, if only she'll finish taking my picture and eat her hot dog so we can go find the perfect spot in Central Park, also, she's adorable"... i imagine.

this year: downtown (or where the champagne is) Spokane... seriously, where can a person go after NYC?
i'm excited.

ps: i love 'happy new year' by ABBA. love it, you and me both Hanoi.


  1. Amazingly, I've heard lots of Christmas music so far, but no ABBA Happy New Year yet. I knew there was something missing in my life...

  2. WHAT?! everything i thought i knew about the Nam is fading and changing... well there is still time. if nothing else there's always You Tube.