Monday, December 17, 2012

a weekend

it's been a gorgeously snowy past couple of days, filled with all of kinds of 'the weekend before the weekend before' Christmas activities.
people going about setting up trees and sending off last minute but on time parcels, baking somethings, making other things, driving to find eagles, looking for the 'right' kind of wrapping paper.
and yet the heartbreaking news of friday morning can not be easily shaken, nor should it.  i can not stop thinking about the newtown families. it feels like more than just the simple and enough of a fact that it's the most heartbreaking reality that a family and community can face here in the free world. i don't know if it's because i'm here, alone during the day, away from most of my loved ones or what. i just feel so deeply for this tragedy.  i know we all do.  it's not that i want to add my own 2cents on the subject, i just can't seem to write to you today about anything else.

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