Monday, March 11, 2013

fresh air and all that it brings

What used to feel like the average chilly winter day in July back home is suddenly feeling like the beautiful promise of spring. Never did I imagine that I'd think a 10C/48F cloudless day a perfectly agreeable combination to justify the urgency of being outdoors. 

Times and things and perception on weather change, isn't it grand?

Mid March is basically here and this gorgeous weekend past had me reflecting on 'surviving' my first 'real' winter among all this newness. It's strangely making me feel sentimental about the snow and the intense appreciation of a few distant sun rays among cloudy and short and freezing days.

We celebrated this weekend by driving a mere 15-20 minutes from our apartment and here we are around hills and trees and old snow and sunshine. Along with a few other cabin-escaping North-Westerns, accompanied by the optimistic melody of snow melting ever where.

The North West courtship continues...