Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My birthday was last week.

from our down town walk about this weekend. Spokane.
I thought about making a list of 28 things I want to do before I turn 29, or 30 (faints... 30!)

But it just didn't feel right, well not on here anyway. Besides I got to number 13 and felt exhausted and decided to take a nap instead. (old age is no joke guys)

I then considered sharing 28 things I've come to learn  over the past near three decades.

But realized that wise is she who knows that she knows nothing (think that's from Sophie's world no?) Felt pretty smart for a while but it would also just be weird.

Instead let me just share 28 very random facts about myself, things I'm grateful for and anything I can think of really... 28 is a lot of 'somethings'.

1) I day dream about traveling, anywhere, all the time.

2) My favorite brunch meal these days is 'easy over' eggs on whole wheat toast.

3) I think heavy thunder storms are the best.

4) I'm making chicken tikka masala tonight.

5) Being married is my favorite thing in the world, ever.

6) These days I walk a lot, also, I took the bus for the first time this weekend.

7) I love the smell of spices, sometimes I just open the Garam Masala bottle for fun.

8) I'm devising a secret plan to get Ben to agree to us buying a DSLR camera.

9) I've been singing 'Dis heerlike lente' all day. Because it's Spring people!

10) I'm so thankful that the days are longer it's ridiculous.

11) Belle is my favorite Disney Princess.

12) Learning a lot about Artisan Distilling and Aprons these days.

13) I don't sleep well.

14) I'm a fan of road trips

15) This is the longest I've gone with out flying anywhere in a few years

16) Think we're going to Mexico this June.

17) Ben says my running posture has improved

18) I'm sure that coconut oil can cure, ease, fix, prevent just about anything.

19) I hate the word 'foodie' but I love food

20) I used to be able to bake French Macarons

21) ... now I'm thinking about baking french macarons...

22) I want to decorate my house with white and plants and bold patterned rugs.

23) Ephesians 3: 14-21 is my favorite passage at the moment. I read it over and over.

24) I'm obsessive about being on time.

25) I'm really bad at folding laundry and I don't see this improving anytime soon.

26) Healthy eating and recipes and ingredients occupy my mind a lot.

27) I'm a bad speler.

28) Life is hard and beautiful and a gift. I know this.

I'm 24, in Paris, about to decide that it's time for me to move to Hanoi. This was just the other day I'm sure

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