Monday, March 18, 2013

Turns out i AM irish after all,

oh no, not really.

I'm as pure Afrikaans made as they get a.k.a  a real European cocktail.


here in the USA everybody seems to find their long lost Irish roots on St. Paddy's day. I guess not only in the USA...but I went to the parade and drank green beer, so that counts right?

My first parade! I was excited.  Strangely not my first green beer.

The parade started off pretty much what you'd expect from any St. Paddy's day parade:

 (and I've come to expect so much after all these parade-less years)

In South Africa we have guys selling flags and such at traffic lights before anything eventful, everybody knows this. Here they have carts and this lovely man.

There were bagpipes, obviously

Irish people in green cars

Lord of the Dance back-up dancers with long red hair

Irish balloons, obviously

more Irish people

more bagpipes.... obviously

and Irishness

and green everything, because you know! Ireland! 

Then things started to get weird:


that's right
beauty queens,not that it's weird, just, you know! Ireland!

then these guys showed up, as they would


this one goes out to my little sister, also, it's a dinosaur, a green dinosaur!

my lady considering some sushi...

hugs not drugs, right on kiddo

i... i got nothing.

rugby! but just not

still... i got nothing.

You guys, it was fun.

One of those, 'happy to be here in the strange land of the US with their strange ways' days.

I know, I know, it really isn't all that strange is it?