Monday, March 4, 2013

thrifting around

we're not hipsters. really. we're not nearly cool enough plus ben won't grow a beard even though i beg him too.
we are however a newly married couple where only one of us are bringing home the bacon (and by bacon i mean wine).
we are also old-fashioned in this weird way where  we both happen to live with our parents before getting married. so none of that two households becoming one problems.
plus i arrived here with two suitcases.

these above mentioned factors are the main reason behind our newly developed crush on thrift stores, in a non-hipster way.

a magical place where one doesn't ask "honey, can we afford that" but "honey, do you think we can paint/scrub/fix/re-use that".

other than these great treasures we found below we also found this warm fuzzy feeling of being:

-not broke
-green (because it's like recycling)
-charitable (UGM is our favorite)

tips on how to be awesome at thrifting:

-don't expect to find everything you need in one stop.
-be patient and invest time in sorting through stuff.
-have a rough idea on what you really need eg. pizza cutter, coasters, more tacky mugs.
-bring your imagination for assistance on how a bit of paint could make something unique
(heck, why not bring pintrest along while you're making an outing of it)
-go early on the weekend
-set out a budget, you'd be surprised just how fast a few 99c items can rack up.
-never buy these items new again:  clothes hangers, flower vases, photo frames, utensils, mugs.

just a sample of our finds so far...

we have this thing for tacky mugs.

most of these frames were less than 99c. i filled most with my around-the-world postcard collection.

i'm an incurable non-matcher. nothing must match ever.

love this bag. 2 usd.

possibly one of my favorite items so far. a wooden shark. also a weapon. this chair we bought from a moving sale.

this shirt.

this jacket.

this 99c jar, because we grow moss now.


  1. I was just in a thrift store today. I love thrift stores (in a totally hipster way), but I don't do well with them because I don't have a good eye for this stuff. I end up choosing things that look like the leftovers from a crappy garage sale. Then I just have to deal with more ugly things in my house or on my body. Tsk tsk. You appear to be quite good at it, though.

    1. yeah but you're cool, so you can get away with that. And thanks, I'm really proud of the finds so far, but i wonder if it's i who find the treasure or is it the treasure that finds me.