Friday, March 1, 2013

friday and other such matters

happy because it's March, means Spring and my birthday.

weary from hearing so many negative news out of South Africa in a matter of a few short weeks.

excited for first friday tonight and a hike tomorrow.

a little discouraged with blogging and general green card patience.

proud of making these 'healthy' oats and peanut butter cookies yesterday. also proud for scrubbing the entire bathroom, things are little uneventful round here.

loving my new found interst in natural home made beauty products. and by that i mean coconut oil and sugar scrub. the best.

ready for something new and dreaming of traveling to Mexico in June.

mentally preparing for an afternoon run. yes! do it. go. 

self loathing for not having done my Washington drivers license yet. or taking one bus ride these past 5 months.

generally over this week, let's try again next week shall we?

i am however thankful for longer days, a hard working and humorous husband, my new desk lamp, plants that survive in our flat, viber, and having an unfailing optimistic hope that greater things are yet to come and some answers might be closer than i think.

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