Friday, July 27, 2012

weekend road trip: part three

the early morning wake up, the bad gas station coffee, the good gas station coffee, the wide open road, the boring interstate stretches, the broken air-con in +30 degrees heat, the imagination gone wild, the long honest conversations, the hope of spotting a moose, a bear, a big foot, the scenic stops, the lazy breakfast, the breath taking views, the interesting people, the touristy shops, the mountains and lakes and rivers and small towns left in a by gone era, the colourful motel at peak summer rates, the cherries and sandwiches... some of the parts that make up an amazing road trip. my favourite thing.
in Glacier Park

cherries in South Africa are expensive, here they over-floweth, a real treat 

motel in the small town of east glacier

breakfast, where we failed to have the huckleberry pancakes listed as the best huckleberry pancakes ever by the NY times or something. we fail.

i bought an antler for 5 usd, home decoration has begun 

impressive second hand bookstore found while driving I-90, found a Kalil Gibran book that sent flutterings through my heart.

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