Monday, July 23, 2012

a weekend road trip. part one

give me my best friend, the open road and an infinite amount of nature and i'll be as content as can be. this past weekend basically was spent driving almost 1300km in 2 days but it was the best kind of driving, with the best kind of company, with the best kind of scenery.  i feel very blessed.

part one: Glacier National Park, Montana. lead me to the water.

i love that my shoes match the pebbles

we saw a wedding being set up on this shore, i feel somehow attached to other brides of 2012. so was happy that the weather was perfect for some couple i've never met.

the best kind of company

i'm told that according to some legend this small island is where the 'black feet' people came to be...

this was taken a few moments before i got my new engagement ring. my original ring was taken by gun point earlier this year, so here was a beautiful, emotional and healing moment. not every girl can say they were purposed to twice. a very blessed girl indeed.

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