Sunday, May 19, 2013

The 5 Fav's

Today's topic: 5 favorite blogs and why you love them.

Today, I'm not feeling awesome, so forgive me as I make it a little short.

In no real order:

-Travel blog
-Longest blog crush (over three years)
-My favorite writer on the list

-Gorgeous, authentic moments
-Poetic writing

-One of my new favorites
-a Family member
-Great writer


-biggest source of where my pins come from


  1. thanks for the tips!! I love the pictures of Rose and Crown, and the everywhereist is really cool!! :)

  2. Sure Georgie, glad you like them. Rose and Crown's photos are so inspiring right! I may also have a little blog crush on the Everywhereist, she's just on another level!