Saturday, May 18, 2013

day 18, on being a child

Today's post is ' a childhood memory'

I don't have a specific memory to share today, more just a stream of moments really.

Visits to grandparents. Sprinklers on hot days. Building mansions for my barbies with books. Making clothes for my barbies with scraps. Chomps. My favorite shocking pink swimming costume. Willow trees and the crowns my Grandpa would make out of them. Swings. Mom's bedtime bible stories, Dad's made up bedtime stories. Killie die krap. Crayons and a fresh coloring book. Heidi in Afrikaans. Dreaming about the day I can make a ponytail. Twirling.  Wearing skirts on my head, pretending I had long hair. Not understanding English. Sunday school and praying for a baby sister. My grandma's nighttime lullaby. My immaginary friends 'Klienkie' and 'Maaitjie' Picking out a piece of candy for under R2. Watermelon and water slide parks. Tweety and Sylvester in Afrikaans 'ek-dag-ek-sag-n-kittie-kat'. Trying to milk a dog that one time. Burning leaves with a magnifying glass. Hide and seek. Training wheels coming off. Princess band aids. Animal shaped kids vitamins. Getting lost in an elevator. Jumping castles. Roller skate dares. Climbing trees, my favorite thing.

"Could we but see the world through the eyes of a child a little longer? Oh to live once more in innocence and well being where time has no meaning and money is the price of sticky sweet clutched in an equally sticky hand." Trevor Wright  

Side note: Wondering about getting bangs again...

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