Wednesday, May 15, 2013

today in black and white

Topic for today is: 'a typical day'

So I'll share today with you, not the most exciting of days, sorry.

Here are some snaps of a typical day. When the typical day involves working from home.

Second cup of coffee, toast with peanut butter

Today I had a lot of 'work from home' stuff going on. Getting ready, doing make up (brushing teeth) helps me get my mind around that now I'm 'ready to work'... No more moping around in my fluffy gown.

In the interest of proving that we can keep stuff alive I water the plants. Bring on puppies and babies I say!

Laundry day

Mid morning, first pot of tea, I start starring at this screen. I have this research job now, but more on that in later posts.

The dryer in our building is from the middle ages, so tossing damp clothes on bed, turning fan is what everybody does in these situations right?

My view, my distraction, my 'look at something in a distance break from staring at said screen'. In other news, how awesome are trees post winter!?

Working from home means that you take breaks to wash dishes. This needs to be addressed...

Left over Middle Eastern wraps for lunch.

Later in the afternoon and the need to continue working from the couch becomes a nessicity. One, because it's closer to my laptop cable, two my desk chair sucks and I have really bad posture.

It's a second pot of tea kind of day around here.

Not everyday looks like this, but me, having a new identity crisis between 'house wife' and 'employee' it's something along these lines.


  1. I really like the moments you captured and the black and white is perfect! :)

    1. You're just too lovely Erika, thanks!