Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MoMA and me

any chance to spend time in New York City i'll take, even if it's less than 6 hours. so with that short amount of time i knew i could basically pick one thing to do. i chose a visit to the Modern Museum of Art with a side of cheesecake of course.

it somehow feels wrong to take pictures of art, i do it every now and then, but still. i decided to get my own kind of arty amusement by taking photos of people taking photos. maybe not very arty but a little bit more amusement for me.

so here with some art and other nyc finds:

i just had to pose with kandinsky, he's my favourite

and just had to take a picture here, i gasped so loud when i discovered the painting was here, it was almost embarrassing 

frida, why so small?

i don't get it, there i said it
a pollock and someone i don't know

this is my favourite photo
our old (apartheid government) flag, so that was weird

not in the gallery, just happened to walk past it. at least i know now there is a justification to come to new york when i'm homesick. (would work out slightly cheaper)

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