Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meeting Yellowstone

I never imagined that Yellowstone would be a place I would get to go see and experience in my life, me with my wanderlusting and all. Despite myself, there I was. There next to Old Faithful, and bears and other wide eyed tourists. Did someone say volcanic activity?
I tried to recall the first time I heard about this famous park for no real reason. I could not. It's just one of those places you know about and don't know why you know so much. (comparatively)
 Yogi Bear cartoons maybe?
 I know, I know, that's Jellystone, totally different.
National Geographic Sunday afternoon documentaries seem more probable I guess. (I miss those).
I left that Monday morning thinking this is not an overrated place at all. 


  1. As soon as I read Yellowstone I was already thinking of Yogi Bear!

    1. yes! thank you! it's not just me... I went looking for him but only found BooBoo. Bobo? Boeboe...

  2. Lucky you! You got to see a bear! What a pretty place <3