Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yes... it's another post about Northwest nature stuff.

See the previous post? The one where I went to a big city?
Okay good,
so I can go on crushing on our nature hikes and drives and views I'm falling in love with around here.
This here is the top of Mt. Spokane and it's hiking trails:


We don't have too many mountain ranges in Jo'burg, only a few lovely hills. I know Colorado and the Western side of Washington think Mt. Spokane is adorable. To me, it's the best. My first mountain you could say.

Celebrating the melted snow we decided to drive up to the very top. To take a million pictures, breath in the freshest air, dream of flying kites and enjoy the 360 views. I can highly recommend it if you're heart can survive the hairpin turns towards the top.

After being on 'top of the world' we decided to head back down a little ways for an afternoon hike.

Remember those childhood books where you could chose between what should happens next? Well I don't but every American child seems to. So are some of the hiking trails up on Mt. Spokane. In the winter these trails function as cross-country skiing trails, so the paths are wide, allowing for hand hold hiking (my favorite kind of hiking).  The area where we hiked had about 4 different paths to choose from. We hiked in a few miles and chose to come back a different way. For some reason this is more fun than you're average loop hike.

Please forgive the bad quality of this photo, but you get 'the picture' right? (I laughed at my own joke there)

You'll have to get used to this space being flooded with more 'we're-always-outside-in-green-with-blue-and-some-yellow' for the next few months. Having survived my first real hard core winter (Canada chuckles) I understand the need to take advantage of months with sunshine, above freezing temperatures and ice free paths.

We want to go camping this weekend so there will more of this kind of nonsense coming up. (Well that and Mexico we hope!)


  1. So pretty! I haven't been up there during the summer in forever. I think a trip up is in order ASAP.

    Also, I can't wait to make you go cross-country skiing with me up there in the winter! The trees get loaded up with snow in the prettiest way, the Nova Hut is an oasis of warmth, and you feel just a little bit more accepting of winter. I'm not going to take no for an answer ;)

    1. I wouldn't dare say no! It sounds amazing. I tried to imagine how wonderful it must be up there in the thick of winter, not that I'm wishing it to come any time soon.
      It's definitely worth the trip up there, just make sure your adorable babies don't blow away in the gusty winds up there ;) toss a few rocks in their pockets and everybody is good to go.

  2. I hope it stops raining and the weekend lets us get outside! Tonight we even camped in our living room (with cocoa and marshmallows of course!) since it's so miserably on the streets.. I know what you mean about the mountains, I didn't have any around Moscow or Saint Petersburg, this is what I love about living here!

    1. I hope so too! Otherwise we'll have to copy your cute idea to set up camp in the living room ;) It's cool how we both (from different sides of the world) are enjoying these mountains right!