Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Friday Distraction

I say Friday even though I'm posting this Thursday. Bookmark me, and come waste your Friday afternoon hours with these links, I invite you.

Also, talking about Friday makes me feel like it's the weekend already, and I'm needing to feel that round about now. (this week is so OVER)

These things:

Making this lemon zest cake is a priority.

Lately I've fallen in love with the Marie Antionette soundtrack all over again. It's amazing, classic one minute, indie rock the next.

Really enjoyed this post by my friend Total TamNation, I think a few 20somethings will find this oh so very easy to relate to.

Love this quote on 'wonder'. 

Soooo, I'm kind of famous. As you'll see here on this website.  I'm so embarrassed, or I should just say that right? I'm actually really amused, my first paid gig in the USA.

Speaking of my fine accomplishments, here my first published article in a while. It's about a start up craft distillery in Delaware. (See page 20-21)

I want this dress!

I adore Rachel from Smile and Wave's home, see it here on Apartment Therapy (I wish I never discovered this website)

a Beautiful post on tree planting in Mozambique.

Lastly, prepare to waste an embarrassing amount of time on 'Man Men with things drawn on them', only cool if you're a Mad Men groupie.

We have dreams of another camping trip this weekend, if nothing else we hope to find a lake to go splash around in like the locals do. Rumor has it temperatures will reach into the triple digits.

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