Tuesday, January 22, 2013

post wedding blues. i'm weird?

i've not heard many new brides bemoan the post wedding blues.

is it because it's just me?

or, is it because we're not supposed to be sad about anything again, seeing as we've had our 'best day ever' and should now be so deeply involved in wedded bliss?  happily married, no time to think back on how much fun dress shopping was, or late night DIY projects, spa treatements, psshhh what ever.

for the purpose of this theme i need to make the distinction between the wedding day and the marriage for the sake of not getting a flood of private e-mails from concerned friends on the state of my wonderful new marriage. marriage is awesome! that's what i'll say about that.

but, come on...

wedding day, happiest day of a girls life, be a princess, generous gifts from all sides, not even mentioning the anticipation of a honeymoon... pamper sessions, kitchen teas, hours and hours spent on wedding blogs, attention, oh so much attention.

i'm not the only weirdo here that's sad that it's all over.  i might be, hence the need to write yet another 'self help for me from me' blog post on how to deal with given situation... i'm sensing lanlettie taking on form here. 

 so here are my helpful tips on dealing with the post-wedding blues...

*start having babies....


...hold on there ever striving human nature, we both know well the last thing i should be doing now is giving up wine for a year.

let's try again:

*add wedding photos between tips! great idea (self high five)

  *make a point to relive a special or funny moment with ben every now and then.  for now this needs to done with intention.  it's very easy for us to get caught up in other things and can go weeks without even thinking about our wedding day.  we still have the advantage of that blessed day being rather fresh in our memories, and sharing with each other will only intensify our memory of the day.

*print my favorite wedding pictures and purposefully decorate these part empty walls.

*wear my self made veil while washing dishes

*ask friends to send pictures they took on our wedding day... with that,
"dear awesome friend who made it to our wedding, please be so cool as to e-mail me all the pictures i look good in.  thank you sincerely"

*have a post wedding interview with self (like they do on the real wedding sections of the pretty blog)... consider posting this as a blog post, or at least just write in journal for future autobiography reference.

*insist to my unmarried friends to invest in a videographer for their wedding day. if only one bride heeds this important piece of advice i might start feeling less like kicking my self for deciding not to hire videographer...

*take time to deeply enjoy thinking about my wedding day, and then stop, take more time to deeply appreciate the fact that i'm married to my best friend, days with him, even the meh days, are the best days, always.

*bake chocolate cake. bake cheesecake. bake some more chocolate 'red velvet' cake. our wedding cakes. 
   hey this is part of the therapy...

*play our first dance song on anniversary days.  and be reminded that the best is SO yet to come!

in the end, i realize i have so much to be thankful for. i know this. i'd also way rather be married to ben than not be married to him, apart from him.
still, the 13 of October was the most amazing day and i guess i'm just not ready for that simply be a memory.

all wedding photos taken by Ingrid Marais


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  2. I couldn't help but laugh at this post, especially when it came to the part about wearing your veil while washing dishes. I could just imagine your husband's face if he witnessed that. Haha! Having said that, your wedding photos look amazing, Lanette! I really love the one where your husband cupped your face just before the kiss. Thank you for sharing!

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