Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 let's go

i have this glorious anticipation that 2013 is going to be a year like no other. i'm all about diving right in and giving it my all. i have no clear and great plan to share yet. i have no real resolutions to sound impressive with either. what i do have is this 'to do list':

+ get the green card
(be done with paperwork for a long long time, celebrate with champagne and cake, dance and plant a tree to make up for all the paper that had to be suffered with this endless process of being with the man i love)
((sorry about that long sentence))
+a job, get one
(ideally a work from anywhere, can study at the same time, supplement the travel yearnings and desires budget, keep me from going crazy)
+learn the new language of miles, feet, inches and ounces
( i live here now, better get with it)
+run the Spokane bloomsday race and then later this year a half marathon...
(which i'm totally planning on training for once i get a hang of this whole ICE everywhere deal)
+ learn, learn and learn,
(not a resolution, just what needs to happen)
+write more
+...write better
+take more pictures
+...not just on instagram

2013 yes!

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