Tuesday, January 29, 2013

why i (still) LOVE winter #32

and yes i'm a little sarcastic..

but seeing as those flirty months of spring, not the mention the sexy months of summer are SO far away i need to rather focus my thoughts and wonder to the greatness that still is winter.

a great reason for me to personally "love" winter right now is because here at almost mid week, i'm still suffering from a horrid flu spell.
so miserably stuck on the coach curled up into a little ball of sadness, i at the very least feel no guilt of wasting a perfect day, a gorgeous weekend, no out doors really beckoning me for walks.
So there's that, for the fourth day in a row, i've forgotten what being cold even means...

what else? reasons i need to find you!

as i find them i will share them, they're out there somewhere.

the rest of you down under, continue to enjoy your summer, which according to facebook is turning out to be a nice scorcher. soak it in kids, soak it all in (after you've applied your sunscreen that is).

sun... what's that? 

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