Wednesday, January 30, 2013


this is my happy 100th blog post!

this may be a little more exciting to me than to you.

i should take this special post to reflect on what this blog has meant to me so far. dream of the direction i want to take and share the thoughts i have towards my little space of the internet.


because, it seems like a good idea. share a little 'behind the senses' of lanlettie if you will.

first, a random photo:
because i like sharing my photos with you. do you like it?

then, some thoughts:
things i say to myself often with regards to this blog:

"maybe i should do a post on baking cupcakes"

"what should i blog about next"

"wow, i didn't think that post would get so many reads"

"meh, i thought more people would read that post"

"maybe i should blog more often"

"i don't know what to blog about this week"

"i hate the word 'blog', it make me think of snails and slugs"

"is that a good blog topic?"

"i wonder when my mom will start reading"

"let's just delete the whole thing"

"should i start advertising?"

"do people really want to know about my SAD condition" (something about being depressed by the lack of sun)

"at least i know belinda will like this post"

"why didn't belinda like that post..."

"is this stupid"

"i wish i had a better photo for the blog"

"what am i trying to prove with the lack of CAPS?"

"i love you blog, i would have gone crazy in my unemployment housewife state"

"is blogging about dreams you had a thing?"

"what am i trying to accomplish here???"

"i found this cool photo in my archive... how can i turn it into a post?"

anyhoo, just some insight into that side of things, moving on.

not without another random photo of course.

to be honest the need for this blog has changed a few times over the past year. notice?

i started lanlettie because i needed some kind of outlet, something to do.  above all because i thought it would be fun, and for the most part i really enjoy is... for the most part, to be honest every now and then i think this is all bullsh*t and i should invest my time in other things. like ..... like..... (stares at screen blankly)...

over these past 99 posts i shared everything from my puppy (in sa), wedding diy, lunches, walks, my room, traveling to the States, moving to the States, exploring Spokane, being a new cook, being skinny, being cheap, being a little overwhelmed by these Americans every now and then.

so i'm a little attached see.

i'm also taking this momentous occasion of the 100th post to think about the future of lanlettie.

let me think as i search for another, you guessed it, random photo
it just felt right
 i wonder if i should just take it post for post, like i have been. i wonder about my 'blogger voice' (argh that sounds cheesy), should i continue with the mostly snarky commentary?
or maybe try and be more useful?
can our weekends ever be as exciting to just take photos of the whole deal and post them on monday?  i think about this EVERY monday. 

i have a few favorite blogs that inspire me, see here to the right ------->
and just copying them would be of no use.  i could never be as witty as the everywhereist, show you beautiful photography like afternoons & coffeespoons or chasing heartbeats or write as beautifully as rose and crown and exquisite banana.
and i'm okay with that.

i guess what i'm really getting at is, this space (i say space because i seriously can not use the word 'blog' one more time)... this space is still figuring itself out, and i'm very curious to see where it will go from here.
will you still be here lanlettie once the green card arrives and you've found useful employment?
will your main purpose be to somehow keep those back home up to date on your daily life here?
those who want to know...
will you keep me busy and distracted from winter? cabin fever? the dishes? homesickness? 
will you add some usefulness?
will you grow and grow and someday become the notes for that book written about your life?

lanlettie is like "uh... i don't know"

for those of you who do check in every now and then, thank you sincerely.

that's all for now.
well that and ANOTHER random photo yay!
the sun is shining! the sun is shining! i'm freaking out.


  1. Replies
    1. Geniet dit! Sterkte vir die homesickness, want dit sal beter word.

  2. Lanette, keep doing what you're doing. I was hanging on to every word of this post. I promise you, I share many, many of these same thoughts.

    And thank you for such a sweet compliment. Ironically, I'm constantly critiquing my own writing.