Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday: these three things

1) flu or something

meant that i stayed in the apartment from Thursday evening till the next Wednesday evening. that's the longest i've stayed in the apartment. i went a little nuts and wanted my mom and outside, badly.

i also had way too much exposure to day time American television. that's all i want to say about that.

2)breaking the (cabin) fever

being new to the USA i have a few expectations of the country.  expectations like front porch swings, running into kim kardashian, spotting a moose, entertaining walmart runs.  i'm not difficult to please honestly.

something that's always seemed so charming to me was the whole movie classics in renovated theaters. (i'm just as excited about movies in the park come summer)
so we had to go to the princess bride screening in the renovated bing crosby theatre.
i've never seen the princess bride, so that was a plus. i loved it! and FINALLY get what all the quotes are all about.
also, beer. you get to drink beer in an old school theater.

i love you downtown America.

3) Superbowl this Sunday

being ever one for observing the local festivities i'm rather excited for this 'merican tradition. (other than the actual football part)

am i wrong or is it really just about the chicken wings? 

this is my first Superbowl so i don't want to be completely clueless so i've prepared these conversation starters:

"yay Ravens!"/"yay Giants!"


"what did you think about that homerun?"

"so, in my country the boys don't wear helmets..."

"... or any form of padding" (RUGBY!)

"no no i didn't say footballers are pansies"

"do you think Beyonce will back track this time"

"that ad is offensive, right?" (because of the Jamaican accent, Arab robe, vegetable platter...)

"so you wore stretch pants too huh?"

"are these chicken wings organic?"

"what a goal!!"

i will also be following this advice for Sunday.

i don't have a picture for you yet, so instead, these tulips:

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